Ready, Set, Play

Web Application

70% of the U.S. workforce is actively disengaged costing the economy between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. This web application helps people become more engaged at work. Participants pick challenges, earn badges, and get rewarded by their manager.

A New Kensington Market


A project purposed for a pedestrian-focused wayfinding system in Toronto’s Kensington Market that represents the various cultures, businesses, and customers that make up the district. The system was designed to be legible, visible, and easy to use while blending into the urban environment.

Myrtle Script

Typeface Design

Designing this typeface was an intensive process and deeply personal. Myrtle script was carefully crafted by studying the penmanship of my grandmother who passed away from Alzheimer’s only months before this typeface was created.

Great Value Rebranding


Inexpensive products do not need to look cheap. The goal of this project was to re-conceptualize the packaging for Walmart’s Great Value. The current packaging is ineffective due to its disconnect with the Walmart identity launched in 2008.

Dance Like a White Guy

Information Design

Graphic design does not always need to be so serious. Sometimes the best way to communicate is through humour and illustration. Several references to pop culture are included in this information graphic and shows the viewer how to dress and dance like a white guy.

Food for Rewards

Program Design

Food for Rewards is a customer appreciation program designed for Food for Life, a food recovery organization in the Halton Region. The goal of this project was to provide a business strategy for a not-for-profit organization that will help it become more sustainable and build public awareness.